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Beth Hooper
We welcomed Beth Hooper to our Club whose has had a successful career in the media. Both in TV and radio.
Most of her working life was spent as a journalist at the BBC where she was involved in producing several Radio 4 shows and then when she was promoted to TV Newsgathering amongst other events she was involved in organising the Queen's Jubilee celebrations.

Latterly she has founded Blade Education which is a non-profit organisation specialising in creating local community projects that extend over all age ranges. Beth spoke passionately about giving a voice to diadvantaged people  building bridges between the young and the old.  She seeks to tackle issues by using art and education.

One of her succesful projects was Southend Schools Festival of Remembrance in 2018 when children from a number of schools made clay popppies and displayed them outside Southend Airport.
She has several future projects planned that may be of interest to Club members to film. If interested she can be contacted here