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Members Film Night
This year we didn't have many films from members for Members Film Night which gave us an opportunity to view and discuss "The Bucket List" a Club  film recently produced and directed by John Ford with contributions from Ken Pratt, Geoff Partridge and David White as the rest of the crew.
The film features a youg promising actress who, as she is of school age had to be chaperoned throughout the filming. This and many other aspects of safeguarding are not usual for amateur film making groups. Usually as  amateur film makers we coerce family members to be actors.

John had to investigate the laws concerning the filming of under age actors and had to show the Council of the home county of the girl that SEFM has a safeguarding policy.
In the film two generations talk about their expectations. One is coming to end of his life and the other has her own life ahead of her.
The relevant policies are now available for future use;

SEFM Safe Guarding Policy 2019
SEFM Safe Guarding Flowchart
A Break from Filming 
The Actors