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A Selection of Recent  Member's Films

We're happy to let our film-making friends see a small selection of the films produced by club members. If you like what you see, why not come join in the club's future film-making.

PLEASE NOTE the movies are made available for your own private personal viewing through this website. Unless otherwise stated they should not be stored, copied, retransmitted nor embedded in any other website or publication.

The copyright in the films is retained by their makers, .
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MOBILE PHONE USERS: The availabilty of smartphones with wi-fi access means we make this page available to phone users. However please be aware that videos are very large files and you should be aware that phone provider charges can be high.
The Debt Comedy Stewart Cope 3:09
A Night in the Music Room Comedy Lester Redding 4:34
Curiosity Drama SEFM Members 2:12
Fishy Business Comedy Roy Webb 1:00
Hit Me Music SEFM Members 2:43
Galapagos Holiday Don Mouatt 13:21
Phobia Comedy Geoff Woolfson 1:00
Les Deux Alpes Holiday Stewart Cope 4:10
Its Got Everything Comedy Roy Webb 1:00
Little Chef Comedy SEFM Members 1:42
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