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Lockdown Newsletters
There's not much filming going on during the Coronavirus epidemic but that has not stopped our creative members (with a little bit of extra time on their hands) from contributing articles to a series of publications which we have called The SEFM Lockdown Newsletters

With thanks to the editor Geoff Partridge, the resulting items from a number of members has resulted in a wide range of subjects from the highly technical to extremely personal recollections. There is something for everybody with an interest in making films.

Just click and download the issue you wish to read.
New articles are always welcome and should be sent to Geoff at for inclusion in the next newsletter.
The Issues
Issue 1
Running a Club in Lockdown  -  Geoff Partridge
The Ramblings of a Movie-maker  -  Don Mouatt
My Exploits in Animation  -  David White
What is DAT all about?  -  John Ford
HDMI Capture Devices  -  Geoff Partridge

Issue 3
The Ramblings of a Movie-maker Part 3 - Don Mouatt
Filming The Festiniog  -  Geoff Partridge
Bad Drivers  -  John Ford
Another ....oom  -  Geoff Partridge
To B or not to b  -  Graham Gardener
How and Why I Started Making Films  -  Graham Gardener
A ‘Repair Shop’ State of Mind  -  Chris Taylor
Issue 2
The Ramblings of a Movie-maker Part 2  -  Don Mouatt
Seven Iconic Techniques in Filming  -  David White
Zooming and Focus  -  Geoff Partridge
Zoom Meeting  -  Geoff Partridge
OBS Studio Software  -  Geoff Partridge
Achieving Good Audio  -  Graham Gardener
Reducing Rendering Time with Davinci Resolve Studio - John Ford
Choosing a Camera for Stills and Video - Geoff Partridge
Issue 4
The Ramblings of a Movie-maker Part 4- Don Mouatt
The Biggest Films Ever Made in Essex - Nicole Baddeley
A 'Repair Shop' State of Mind  Part 2 - Chris Taylor
Davinci Recolve - Quick Export  - John Ford
Not Anther Zoo .....!  - Geoff Partridge
Issue 5
The Ramblingsof a Movie Maker - Don Mouatt
Change your toon: how adult animation grew up - Annabel Nugent
Illustrations and free collections - John Ford
Over the top? - Geoff Partridge
The Ramblings of a Movie-maker Part 6 - Don Mouatt
A Repair Shop state of mind - Chris Taylor
Studio 2 - Geoff Partridge
Back In Time - November 1904 - Geoff Partridge
vMix - Geoff Partridge
Issue 6